If you’re pregnant and looking for a free ultrasound in Illinois, pregnancy resource centers are a great option. At Empower Life Center, we offer free ultrasounds in a caring, nonjudgmental environment. 

Receiving an ultrasound is an essential first step if you’re pregnant. This harmless scan can help determine your pregnancy’s age, location, and viability—all important factors to protect your health.

Read on to learn more about the different types of ultrasound and what to expect during an ultrasound appointment.

What Are the Types of Ultrasound?

There are two types of pregnancy ultrasound: transvaginal and abdominal. 

Transvaginal ultrasound involves the ultrasound technician inserting an ultrasound transducer (part of the ultrasound machine that looks like a wand) into your vagina. While this type of ultrasound is more invasive, it offers a clearer picture of your pregnancy when it’s under 12 weeks old. 

If your pregnancy is further along, an abdominal ultrasound is used. This type of ultrasound involves the ultrasound technician running the transducer over your abdomen. 

Do I Need to Prepare for an Ultrasound Appointment?

Sometimes when you schedule your ultrasound appointment, they may request that you come with a full bladder. Depending on how far along you are, this can give the ultrasound technician a better view of your pregnancy. 

Otherwise, there is no prep work needed for an ultrasound appointment. Just show up, and the ultrasound technician will perform the scan. 

You can easily schedule a free ultrasound appointment at Empower here

What Can I Expect During an Ultrasound?

Depending on the type of ultrasound you receive, you may be asked to dress in a gown (this is usually only done for a transvaginal ultrasound).

Once you’re in the ultrasound room, the technician will put a jellylike substance on your belly (for abdominal ultrasound) or directly onto the transducer (for vaginal ultrasound). Then, the technician will use the transducer to locate your pregnancy and take measurements. 

Where Can I Get More Information?

If you want to schedule a free ultrasound appointment or receive pregnancy resources, Empower is here to help. You’re not alone in this. We understand what you’re going through, and we’re here for you.