Pregnancy Classes:

Love Your Bump

Three 1 hour sessions with a nurse. Class explores healthy pregnancy, specifically in first and second trimesters. Support person is welcome to attend.

Childbirth Education

Four 1.5 hour sessions with a staff nurse. Class explores 3rd trimester, labor and delivery. Recommended for first time moms, but any pregnant woman can take the class with her support person, if desired. Encouraged to schedule with receptionist around 25 weeks of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Classes and Support

Any pregnant client showing interest in breastfeeding can meet with our Certified Lactation Counselor for classes during pregnancy and/or support after pregnancy throughout the breastfeeding journey. Appointments made on an as-needed basis.

Parenting Classes:

Babyhood – Baby’s First Year

Five 1 hour 15 minute sessions recommended for first-time parents, but open to all who are expecting. The class is encouraged to be taken during pregnancy, but also can be taken when the baby is a newborn. The class covers a variety of topics including nutrition, handling a fussy baby, newborn illness, self-care and more.

Fatherhood (24:7 Dad)

Six 1 hour sessions for dads. A nationally recognized course from National Fatherhood Initiative designed for any dad who wants to improve his knowledge and skills to help him raise healthy children.

Parenting 1-2-3

Six 1 hour and 15 minute sessions for parents of 2-12 year-old children. Class explores effective parenting skills using a variety of resources.

Please call our office to schedule classes. Must be registered to attend classes. Certificates, if applicable, will be provided upon completion of course(s).