After the Supreme Court’s decision in June of this year, many were shocked and left with countless questions. To understand this overturning best, we will separate fact from fiction in this post.

Fact: The Power to Decide Abortion Laws Now Rest With The States

Originally in the 1973 Supreme Court ruling, it was stated that elective abortions were a woman’s constitutional right and did not necessitate a life-threatening diagnosis behind her decision to terminate a viable pregnancy.

However, in June 2022, the Court overturned this ruling. The Court stated it should be up to each state to determine its abortion laws and restrictions. The Supreme Court gave power back to the voters, who would regulate and decide abortion rulings for themselves.

Fiction: Women Cannot Receive Life-Saving Treatment

Although it is no longer considered a constitutional right to receive an elective abortion, life-saving treatment for women experiencing a pregnancy complication remains legal. State laws continue to affirm this under their abortion regulations, including those states with complete abortion bans.

Additionally, it was reassuring to many individuals when the Secretary of Health and Human Services wrote this letter reminding medical personnel that emergency treatment should not be denied to women.

Fiction: Women Have Lost Their Rights

Women have not lost their rights, but their civil liberty has shifted. Women can now vote on this issue, no matter where they stand. Using their rights of free speech and freedom to vote, women can have their voices heard on this issue and educate other voters on their views.

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