Before scheduling an appointment for an abortion, we recommend asking yourself these three questions:

“Have I received lab-quality pregnancy testing?”

“Have I received an ultrasound scan and reviewed the results with a doctor?”

“Have I talked to a professional counselor regarding all of the pregnancy options?”

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, it likely means it’s time to schedule a free appointment at Empower Life Center!

Here’s more information on the 3 things needed before abortion:

1. Lab-Quality Pregnancy Testing

You’ve likely already taken an at-home pregnancy test, but have you received lab-quality pregnancy testing?

Lab-quality pregnancy testing eliminates any guesswork on your end and ensures the most accurate results. So before you worry yourself and even consider scheduling an abortion, we recommend receiving professional pregnancy testing through your local pregnancy clinic.

2. Ultrasound Scan

Once you’ve received a positive, lab-quality pregnancy test, you’ll want to gather information regarding your health and pregnancy situation through an ultrasound scan.

An ultrasound scan will provide you with information such as the age, location, and viability of your pregnancy. Because your abortion options will be determined by this information, receiving an ultrasounds scan is an essential step in making an informed decision for your pregnancy and will allow you to avoid unnecessary health complications.

3. Options Counseling

Before buying a car, you likely do endless research, chat with a few professionals, and potentially talk to friends and family about their preferences and experiences. While we’re not saying abortion is the same as buying a car, it is a big decision and should be accompanied by research and professional insight.

Before deciding if abortion is right for you, we recommend taking time to chat with a professional counselor regarding your abortion options and the other pregnancy options available to you. Empower Life Center provides free options counseling to give women a safe space to process their feelings, ask questions, and learn more about their options. 

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Whether you’ve yet to receive one of these 3 things needed before an abortion, or still find yourself unsure if this choice is right for you and your pregnancy, Empower Life Center is here for you! We provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans, options counseling, and more — Schedule your free, confidential appointment today!